GYOZA OHSHO Karasuma Oike


Production and design of a new concept store for the major restaurant chain “Gyoza no Ohsho,” headquartered in Kyoto. The existing Ohsho stores are known for their image as “quick, cheap, and delicious local diners,” and they have a loyal customer base. However, they were not particularly appealing to women or couples, especially for special occasions. The goal was to create a store that is welcoming to women, without clashing with the existing customer base, and to develop a concept of “Japanese casual dining” that also considers overseas strategies.

This involved creating a completely different type of store from the existing ones to attract a previously untapped customer base, including “women,” “couples,” and “foreigners.” The aim was to create a store that women would choose, characterized by a sense of “kindness,” “calmness,” and “casualness.” This was expressed through the use of motifs that evoke a sense of Japan, such as traditional patterns, graphical icons, and delicate black lines reminiscent of chopsticks, like thin iron and lighting cords, to add accents to the space. If the existing Ohsho could be called “Male Ohsho,” this new concept aimed to sensationally debut as “Female Ohsho,” with a completely opposite impression.

Additionally, to ensure success, support was provided on the soft side as well. This included selecting music to enhance the atmosphere inside the store, lighting effects for dinner time, and thorough training for the service staff to create a store that is different in every aspect. Various seating arrangements were designed to accommodate different situations: standing seats, large tables with sufficient distance to avoid direct eye contact, a bar counter for a more extensive drink menu, casual sofa seats, and semi-private rooms for a more intimate feel. Above all, thanks to the client’s understanding, the establishment of a new logo was significant in fulfilling all the above purposes.
Interior designer / Director: MIKI Orihara
Graphic designer: KEI Sakai

Photo: © Nacása & Partners Inc. FUTA Moriishi